Samantha’s Resume

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Currently working as a data scientist within SAP’s Silicon Valley Next Talent Rotational Program. My current role is building up a model for targeting marketing campaigns to support SAP.iO early-stage startups. I graduated in December of 2019 with master’s in data science. Prior to my master’s, I obtained a bachelor’s in computer science, along with mathematics and Spanish minors. I gained experience with building up machine learning pipelines in the field of public safety and justice on a scrum-based development team. I am interested in python programming, machine learning, AI, data visualizations, team development, and cloud computing. Constantly curious and always seeking new knowledge. I desire to work in an environment where I am using data to make the world, and it’s inhabitants a bit better.


Location: Germantown, OH – soon to be Silicon Valley, CA


LinkedIn: samanthalcombs


M.S. in Data Science – University of North Carolina Wilmington
August 2018 – December 2019
Wilmington, NC
4.0 GPA

B.S. in Computer Science – Wheeling Jesuit University
August 2014 – May 2018
Wheeling, WV
Minors: Mathematics, Spanish
3.9 GPA (summa cum laude)

Data Science Coursework

Python Programming, SAS Programming, Linear Methods, Machine Learning I, Machine Learning II, Generalized Linear Models, Categorical Data Analysis, Spatial-Temporal Analysis in R, Data Visualization


Python, R, SAS, Java, GIS, HTML/CSS, CLI, SQL, Azure Databricks, AWS S3/Batch/EC2, Scrum/Agile, Git, Gitflow, Bitbucket, Docker, Pivotal Tracker, Pandas, Seaborn, Matplotlib, Machine Learning Pipelines, Data Visualization, Data Wrangling/Cleaning, API’s, Web Scraping, Team Management/Leadership, Project Management, Debugging, Web Development, Photography/Editing

Work Experience

Data Scientist – Silicon Valley Next Talent (SVNT) @SAP
June 2020 to present in Palo Alto, CA
• Leveraging internal data from the CMI team to iteratively build a model from the ground up
• Regularly meeting with startups to demo the model or gain feedback on model success
• Drastically improving startup potential customer engagement on marketing campaigns
• Utilizing Azure Databricks to query data for model usage and Click CLI for command-line integration
• Participating in a variety of networking and career growth opportunities through the SVNT program

Data Scientist Level I – CentralSquare Technologies
May 2019 to present in Greensboro, NC
• Performed tasks in both data science and software engineering in the domain of public safety and justice and public administration software with a heavy focus on python programming • Used scrum-based development tactics to build up a pipeline from the ground up for an incident forecasting software that relies on spatial, temporal, and numeric features
• Transferred the codebase and optimized tasks on cloud-based services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3, Batch, and EC2
• Developed hyperparameter and feature importance plots that the team continues to use for visualizing performance and improving models
• Presented deliverables to management within the team as well as executives within the company
• Offered and accepted an extension to continue work at CentralSquare as a remote employee when returning for graduate studies

Student Government Association Vice President
May 2017 to May 2018 in Wheeling, WV
• Addressed student concerns and coordinated with WJU administrators 
• Moderated campus clubs and approved budgets

Resident Assistant at Wheeling Jesuit University
August 2015 to May 2018 in Wheeling, WV
•  Provided mentoring for residents of my building and organized events

Point Source Inc.
May 2014 to January 2017 in Germantown, OH
•  Built customized photonics products from drafts and updated old designs

Relevant Projects

Cohort Lead – Protein Edge Detection for Florida Atlantic University
August 2018 to present in Wilmington, NC
• Implemented scikit-image algorithms to clean up noise in flattened hologram images of marine microorganisms and created a function to segment large images with many marine diatoms into individual diatoms
• Automated the training data creation process using Box SDK application program interface (API) calls
• Experimented with regression and deep-learning models such as convolutional neural networks to automate the counting and identification of the specific diatom Ditylum
• Guided junior project members on model improvement tactics and next steps

Project Lead – Pet Food Recall Research for Petrics, Inc.
April 2019 to present in Wilmington, NC
• Automated the process of creating a clean and robust pet food recall database using Python scripts
• Analyzed the aggregated data and developed an in-depth report to be publicly released to pet food distributors and suppliers

Smartfin Data Analysis for Scripps Institute of Oceanography
October 2018 to December 2018 in San Diego, CA
• Utilized web scraping techniques to access surfboard fin data
• Provided data analysis and visualizations of the Smartfin readings and proposed techniques on how to work with the associated motion data

Engineers for Exploration at the University of California San Diego
July 2017 to August 2017 in San Diego, CA
• Connected with researchers from different disciplines and worked on ecological research projects

Web Development/Photography

The Skinny Gene Project
May 2017 to May 2019 in San Diego, CA

Small Business Payroll Services
November 2017 to November 2019 in Pickerington, OH

Wild Rover Wildlife Services
March 2018 in Wheeling, WV

Personal Creative Blog
June 2016 to present in Germantown, OH


Pragmatic Institute Foundations, CJIS Level I Clearance, Computer Science Research Best Presentation (Building a Database for the Challenger Learning Center), Honors Thesis Project (The Genetics of Identity), Dean’s List WJU (four years), Honors College at WJU, DII Soccer Scholarship, Eleanor Miller Scholarship, Academic Scholarship WJU, Valedictorian at Valley View High School