Currently working as a data scientist within the SAP Next Talent Rotational Program. My current role is working in the consumer industry cloud on the Eureka team, leveraging data science to solve retail problems. Before that, I was building up a model for targeting marketing campaigns to support SAP.iO early-stage startups. I graduated in December of 2019 with master’s in data science. Prior to my master’s, I obtained a bachelor’s in computer science, along with mathematics and Spanish minors. I gained experience with building up machine learning pipelines in the field of public safety and justice on a scrum-based development team. I am interested in python programming, machine learning, AI, data visualizations, team development, and cloud computing. Constantly curious and always seeking new knowledge. I desire to work in an environment where I am using data to make the world, and it’s inhabitants a bit better.

I am building up this blog to explore my data science journey and help other budding data scientists along the way. It will be populated with helpful tools and tricks, methodologies I’ve learned along the way, and general advice about navigating the domain.